Success By the Numbers

Oftentimes the idea of success is so removed from us because it seems sky high. Literally, floating above us, it is visible but we cannot touch it. How does one harness something so elusive?

This is because success is an abstract idea, one person’s success or wealth is very different than someone else’s idea and/or vision. And this can lead to frustration - how do I tap into something so up in the ether? 

 Oftentimes it is useful to take any idea or concept that we would like to achieve and define it - either with words or numerically. 
Recently, I have been studying success, i.e. what are some of the key things that the people who are at the top of their fields do daily, in numbers. Check it out on your own journey to defining and achieving success. 

The number of people closest to you that will help define your success. Motivational speaker Jim Rohn, who is one of the forefathers of the current self development genre, was famously quoted as saying “we are the average of the five people we spend the most time with.” We are closely influenced by those we spend the most time from - ideas, activities and ethics. So choose wisely, who are you conversing with, spending time with and choosing to do business with. Choose to spend time with those who inspire you. AND spend time with those people who will lovingly tell you the truth. 

And, as an extension of this idea, consider what you are doing and talking about when you spend time with people. A discussion about your hopes and dreams will have a positive outlook on your life, while gossiping about other people certainly will not. 

The number of things to put on your to-do list every day. Although our list of things to get done get be immeasurable, sitting a list of everything to be done in every aspect of our life can be overwhelming. Overwhelm can lead to us turning off and not getting ANYTHING done. 

So focus on a few (3) of the most essential things that are imperatives to get done on any day. I get up in the morning and write on a visible wipeboard the three things I WILL get done. 

Now, this excludes things I do everyday - like answering emails or posting to social media. BUT, this method allows me to prioritize and schedule the things that are the most important. Addtionally, if you get more done then you feel more productive. 

5 The days of the week you need to do planning! One of my favorite quotes is that “If you don’t have a plan for yourself, someone else does!” To that end, if you don’t have a schedule and prioritized “Must Do” activities, other things and people will take up your time and energy. On every work day I spend 5 minutes at the beginning and end of every day planning. This bookending of my schedule allows for maximum productivity as well as allowing for clear delineation between work and personal time. Here is my planning procedure: 

End of the Day:

  • Three things that went well that day

  • What are my three must dos for the next day (see above)

  • General schedule and time blocking for the next day

Beginning of the Day:

  • Three things I am grateful for

  • My intention for the day

  • Finalize my schedule for the day

5+3+5=measurable success

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