When you stop saying "I'm sorry..."

I have an exercise for you to do: 
The next time you are tempted to say I’m sorry for something (for anything!) - I’d like you to replace it with something else,

 I’d like you to say “You’re welcome.” 

Lisa! <- that’s what you are thinking.  "How can I do that?" "It’s so rude." "I'd sound so self-important!" 

Ok, bear with me. I’m not advocating saying it every time. Maybe don’t even say it out loud (but I won't be mad at you if you did!)

Commit to being unapologetic. Stop telling the world that you are sorry. Be yourself in all your amazing and imperfect ways. 

Unapologetic, by definition, is putting forward (i.e. putting anything out there) without apology or qualification. So this is my call to you to put yourself into the world without qualifying or apologizing for yourself.


See what happens when you stop apologizing for anything that is an inherent part of who you are - DO NOT  ever say "I'm sorry" for being yourself. 

Lisa ZahiyaComment