Girl... What Do You Have to Say (about yourself...)

    • We all know and acknowledge that words have power. They can make us laugh or cry. They can uplift or they can damage us. Words create actions, emotions and have enormous power.  We see this every day. 

      And yet, while we see this so powerfully on both large and intimate scales,  I am shocked by how I hear women talking about themselves. A few examples from the past week: 

      • "I am a fucking failure because I did not work out the past two days." 

      • "Ugh I am such a fat slob." 

      • "I was a total dumb maniac the last time I saw you." 

      • "I don't deserve anything."

      • "This is so annoying, I could die." 

    • WOAH! Imagine if someone else said these things to you. OR imagine walking up to me and saying... "Hey Lisa, you are a fucking failure..." or "Eww, Lisa, you ate a cookie? You are such a fat slob." 

      Our selection of words can lift us up or tear us down and we can instantaneously change a situation or emotional experience by choosing new worlds. Women who beat themselves down verbally will have a beat down life and experience. Women who CHOOSE to speak with amazing, colorful, rich worlds of themselves and their experiences have amazing, colorful and rich experiences. 

      Changing habitual vocabulary can cause instant change to how you think. How you think affects how you feel. AND how you feel affects how you live.  So how do you change it? 

      • Identify words that you use on a regular basis to describe yourself or your actions. Just self-observe and take note for a week. 

      • Simultaneously, notice your corresponding feelings. When you say these things, do you feel terrible? sad? hurt? lonely? angry? humiliated? 

      • Start replacing those words with words that are KIND TO YOU. Start with neutrality... Instead of "Im a failure..." talk about future plans. I.e. "I just made a reservation at spinning class tomorrow. I'm excited." 

      • Get radical and starting saying amazing things about yourself. Use ridiculous words. Praise yourself. 

      • Stop saying "busy" "ok" or "fine" when someone asks how you are. Just loudly exclaim "AWESOME!" Shock em with how good you feel and you'll be surprised at how quickly you will feel good. 

 Every day is a day to take control. To make small changes that will lead to the big ones that change your life. YOU ARE AMAZING. 

Lisa ZahiyaComment