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Visit Studio Zahiya, Lisa's dance studio, to explore the full range of group classes offered in Asheville. 

Safe, fun, challenging, and inspiring dance classes for new and experienced dancers.

Lisa Zahiya is a renowned dance instructor, and the owner of Studio Zahiya in Asheville, Lisa offers a range of group and 1:1 classes, both online and in person. 


Lisa travelled the globe as a renowned bellydance instructor. She is the founder of Zahiya Bellydance, a school dedicated to comprehensive bellydance education.


Lisa is a trained kids' dance educator and works with schools to offer dance as an empowering and creative experience for children.

Dance Fitness

Lisa is the co-creator of Rise + Grind, a dance fitness experience with her co-producer DJ M.P. Pride. They have presented at The Orange Peel, The Asheville Yoga Festival, The LEAF Festival and more.

Private Lessons

One on one study allows you to receive individualized attention to improve your technique, musicality, dance vocabulary and more.  Lisa is available for private lessons, small group lessons, coaching and Skype lessons. Please come prepared with goals and objectives and Lisa will tailor the lesson to your needs and interests. Lessons are scheduled on an individual basis and can range from 1-3 hours in length per session.

Pricing: Lessons are $75 an hour. If you’d prefer to buy a package, 3 hours are $195, 6 hours is $360. Email to schedule

Bring Lisa to your School or Kids Program

Lisa is available for school workshops and residencies. Lisa offers a variety of classes in both dance education (North African Folk Dance, Hip Hop, Indian Dance, etc) and classes that use dance to explore common core curriculum. She is well known for her geometry workshop "Shake it Like a Parallelogram." Email to schedule


Workshops are one time dance or movement classes. Classes can be geared towards new dancers, mixed level or advanced dancers. 
orkshops are available for dance festivals, corporate trainings, holistic events, womens' workshops or kids events. 

Online Classes

Dance with Lisa from the comfort of your own home! Lisa offers basic, intermediate and advanced bellydance classes, and dance fitness classes on PowHow. 



  • Salt Lake City, UT

  • Palo Alto, CA

  • Warren Wilson College

  • Western Carolina University

  • The Las Vegas Bellydance Intensive

  • Roanoke, VA

  • Richmond, VA

  • Regina, SK, Canada

  • The Austin Bellydance Convention

  • Montreal, Canada

  • The LEAF Festival

  • San Raphael France

  • Baltimore, MD

  • Washington, DC

  • Boston, MA

  • New York, NY

  • Pittsburgh, PA

  • Columbus, OH

  • Toledo, OH

  • Ottawa, Canada